Powerful New All Black Lives Matter Card Promotes Maafa 21

The producers of Maafa 21 have created a powerful new
card to spread the word about black genocide in America.

Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, created the card in response to multiple requests for another portable hand out presenting the facts about eugenics. Life Dynamics also offers another Maafa 21 card that helps fans spread the word.

Produced with activists in mind, the new card’s innovative design allows it to be small enough to carry around and pass out – but contains a shocking amount of information.

The words “All Black Lives Matter” is printed boldly on the front, and opens like a brochure to reveal a message encouraging others to watch Maafa 21.

The new All Black Lives Matter card was debuted at the 2016 NAACP convention.  Despite being small, those who are using it are saying that the cards are “extremely effective.”

Those wishing to order the cards may do so online on the shop page of this website, or by calling (940)380-8800. The cards are sold in packs of 100.

Hear what others are saying about the new All Black Lives Matter Card:

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