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This leaves no stone unturned when it comes to black genocide.

Not going to spill the beans on this documentary but this is must see for every minority in America. This exposes a truth most of us, especially my sister is very ignorant towards. Please, and I am stressing this, run out and buy this disc. It leaves no stone unturned when it comes to black genocide.

J. Michelle


I thank you for producing this video.

As a former Black woman President of NOW, I know the horrors of Planned Parenthood. I joined the NOW because I wanted to champion the cause of Black women who are marginalized in our society. I later learned that I was being used to push an agenda to destroy the Black race. I resigned and made a commitment to expose the genocidal murder of Black babies.

Sharon R.

St. Petersburg, FL

This is what DEPLORABLE really means

Tells us things we somehow ‘know’ and yet ‘can’t be’. So well documented that it leaves no doubt what so ever. I knew many of these things but putting all the pieces together in one place it all becomes very real and very powerful.


St. Louis, MO.

In an age of radical deceit, it is such a refreshing and encouraging thing to see people of truth telling it like it is.

The ultra elites are out to destroy us all, and since they are radical racists, they are targeting the people of color even more. I pray for justice everyday.


I am trying to wake black people up everywhere

I am trying to wake black people up everywhere that the people that they are voting for support the organizations that originated from a movement of eliminating them from American society. It isn’t easy but it is more than necessary. I am willing to be demonized to protect the future freedoms of black children and grandchildren because like my child, they’ve been endowed by their creator with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


New Orleans, LA

We are living it everyday.

As much as that video is overwhelming, the sad truth is we are living it everyday. I truly believe that if Black people as a whole watched this, it would help us to see how to heal one another and stop ALLOWING others to determine our destiny. Excellent piece and I will definitely support bridging the gap in our culture.


So. California

Thank you for getting the word out about this disgusting ideology.

It’s amazing how many people who are involved in politics believe in Eugenics.


Charlotte, NC.

I plan to tell everyone!!!

I am a retired Army Sgt of 21 years. I learned leadership; I developed loyalty, trusts, respect and confidence to serve and protect the freedoms of my country… I was not raised to have those values as a youth. I was taught to hate and not trust white-people, to hate the white-man because of slavery and the history of this country…I found myself in the Army and God through having faith, so I forgave, to seek understanding and knowledge. The viewing of this DVD has stir-up old hateful feeling of distrusts and evil in my heart. But, I have a new form of hate to combat evil today…It is called LOVE! God’s LOVE! God’s people suffer, and is led to do evil because of the lack of people of courage, spirit of love and the strength to not sell out but stand up to face the evil and call it out! What I will hate now, is anyone who will still remain a “silent-onlooker” after you have viewed this DVD. I plan to tell everyone!!! What honor, trusts, courage and love you have for God and your fellow man…Do your part, do the right thing!


Louisville, KY

Thanks to Life Dynamics for exposing this.

I, like most people, thought it was the noisy feminists from the sixties that were directly responsible for [eugenics]. I had no idea that the push actually came long before they were even born and the root of it, rather than sexual liberation, was to exterminate unwanted groups. Thanks to Life Dynamics for exposing this.


New Hampshire, USA

Shocking, but not the least bit surprised…

There always seems to be a negative ulterior motive toward the African American race here in the USA. The hate is so disgusting.



The film is amazing.

I pray this gets out to America fast.

Peter S.

Inspirational lies.

I came across MAAFA 21 on YouTube and watched, listened and even took note of the documentary’s info. It completely changed how I view the black community and understand how vulnerable not just the black community but any community is to people with agendas. Its really inspired me to want to stand up and do something. Help someone who is vulnerable and the History from how we came to be today is vital to the facts of what we are being deceived on daily. Thank you for bringing awareness and God Bless.


Washington, USA

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