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It’s not as bad as we thought. It’s worse.

Evil comes this way hither. It’s not as bad as we thought. It’s worse. This is what happens when the govt. is allowed to get involved.  To those who want to manage this world, WE ARE CALLING YOU OUT!


Alpharetta, GA.

Thank you for making this film.

We pray to the Lord for more exposure on the darkness of evil.


England, United Kingdom

This is a winner right out of the gate…

This is a winner right out of the gate. You need to pair up with the people for 7AM documentary and take this on a tour. A lot of our people either don’t know about this or they are in denial. I was never told about slavery. In fact, I was raised in a household and family that never spoke about these things. I guess after people get to a certain point in their lives they want to pretend certain things didn’t happen. I am making this a movie night. We need to educate our people, and we need to do it fast! THANK YOU FOR THIS DOCUMENTARY.



Your film should be spread far and wide for men and women of all races and groups to see.

Though we know that the agenda of power targets all people- whom they consider inferior to their special class of ubermensch- this lust for domination and control has been particularly evident against the black peoples of the world. Please consider me an ally in both exposing and routing this global elite brotherhood of darkness.


Denver, CO.

I’m thankful to GOD for coming across this historical piece of documentation.

I, being a Caucasian and like many of same, never knew the truth. When I became a “re-born” Christian, I found the truth in His love for everyone. Thank you for the exposing one of the horrible inhumanities to man.


Sugar Land, TX.

Knowledge is Truly Power.

A true eye opener. No African American household should be without this DVD. All I can say is “God open our eyes.”

Darrell D.

Bronx, NY

This film gave my questions some context

As an African-American male I grew up in the late 60s and 70s in a middle-class family whose parents provided a very comfortable lifestyle, I never truly understood the issue of racism in the United States, mainly because I’ve never fully experienced that racism. After seeing this film, all of those contradictions of racism that have been nagging me over the years have been put into context. Thank you.


Kansas City, MO

This is a must see for all people, not only blacks.

I watched this documentary and I was so shocked. This is so sad and I have no idea how someone could have so much hatred towards a race.


Thanks to Life Dynamics for exposing this.

I, like most people, thought it was the noisy feminists from the sixties that were directly responsible for [eugenics]. I had no idea that the push actually came long before they were even born and the root of it, rather than sexual liberation, was to exterminate unwanted groups. Thanks to Life Dynamics for exposing this.


New Hampshire, USA

I thank you for producing this video.

As a former Black woman President of NOW, I know the horrors of Planned Parenthood. I joined the NOW because I wanted to champion the cause of Black women who are marginalized in our society. I later learned that I was being used to push an agenda to destroy the Black race. I resigned and made a commitment to expose the genocidal murder of Black babies.

Sharon R.

St. Petersburg, FL

Thank you!

Thank you for the documentary! Lots of important information. I was waiting for the vaccine’s to be mentioned, and amazed that they weren’t…especially since you mentioned Gates, his father William Gates senior was involved in planned parenthood which seems well-documented…

Lisa S.

Excellent Information

Lenard Jackson


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