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This documentary should be mandatory viewing in every school in America.

Every pastor, every politician, every body needs to see this film!


Chicago, IL

This is a wake up call film.



Educate yourself, then educate others

This is probably one of the most important films I’ve seen. I have been having this discussion about the number of abortion clinics in urban areas with people of color for a while now, most have written me off as a lunatic, they can’t hear me, (possibly because I’m white). None the less I have just forwarded this to everyone, may they hear the film and become part of the solution.

Gail Jackson

Hereford, AZ

All Christian clergy need to show this video to their church members.

Preferably on Sunday morning right after worship, when the most members are present. Its truth telling is unflinching, and is an essential but neglected message of the Gospel for our nation today.

Father Mark

Lima, OH.

This film gave my questions some context

As an African-American male I grew up in the late 60s and 70s in a middle-class family whose parents provided a very comfortable lifestyle, I never truly understood the issue of racism in the United States, mainly because I’ve never fully experienced that racism. After seeing this film, all of those contradictions of racism that have been nagging me over the years have been put into context. Thank you.


Kansas City, MO

It was stunning.

Much of it I already knew, but there was a lot that I didn’t know. The documentary puts the pieces together very well.

Steve G.

Exceptional documentary

Exceptional documentary – on the longstanding genocide effort of black America. Regardless of your skin color, this is a must watch!


Gurnee, IL

The death caused by sleeping mind

For too long I have studied the situation as it relates to my people living on this planet, and since they were targeted in Africa, there has been a plan afoot to destroy, eliminate us. They fail to realize that they were never brought here to be free, but as a economic system for those that would have long died had it not being for their enslavement. The whole world has fed off the enslavement of the African, be it mis-education, prison, food, drugs – it matters not the system – it is all linked to the destruction of the Black Man. Until the last fool learns the game it will not change.

James Savoy

California, USA

Thank you for getting the word out about this disgusting ideology.

It’s amazing how many people who are involved in politics believe in Eugenics.


Charlotte, NC.

Shocking, but not the least bit surprised…

There always seems to be a negative ulterior motive toward the African American race here in the USA. The hate is so disgusting.



I was numb afterwards

I was numb afterwards and was surprised at the calculated efforts that are being taken by the elite to destroy the African American.


Killeen, TX.

Maafa 21 is a look behind the curtain of racism.

To be complete though it is waiting for the last chapter to be written. That chapter must be written and acted by the people of America, only then will the story of Maafa 21 move from the front page of the news into history books where it belongs.



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