What viewers are saying:

Everyone was moved that saw it.

Thank you for cooperating with the Holy Spirit to piece together this professional and fascinating piece of journalism. Everyone was moved that saw it.

Nancy S.

I am deeply touched by the documentary.

Your research was very, very well done, covers all the bases and leaves your jaw hanging.

Doug C.

God Bless your mission.


Rome, Italy

Thank you!

Thank you for the documentary! Lots of important information. I was waiting for the vaccine’s to be mentioned, and amazed that they weren’t…especially since you mentioned Gates, his father William Gates senior was involved in planned parenthood which seems well-documented…

Lisa S.

Buy it, shout it, show it!

This film is mandatory viewing for everyone concerned with the future of Black Americans and all people. African Americans are just the beginning. If you think the eugenicist agenda will end with the Black race you’re mistaken. Witness? Oregon’s physician assisted suicide law! Maafa 21 is a well done thoroughly researched production. Buy it, shout it, show it!

Rev. Brian W.

Minneapolis, MN

This is a major blow to the bortheads.

From one of our favorite posters on our forum.

The research on this film is top-notch.

We are going to do nothing about it… And I only say this because of the exponential advancements in technology, the instant access to information, the unlimited opportunities of education, freewill, and the Law- there is no way Black America would be dumb enough to step back into a world of oppression and white supremacy again, no matter how covert racism can be. Now that would be ‘feeble-minded’. But I digress. The research on this film is top-notch. It is extremely informative and thought-provoking.

CJ Hemingway

Denver, CO.

Excellent Information

Lenard Jackson


Don’t commit genocide against yourselves

I’ve tried several times to tell black people what this DVD will explain to you. When I would try to tell them that the abortion movement is really a way to get black people to commit genocide against themselves I’m told I’m a racist. All abortion clinics are located in black or Hispanic neighborhoods. Blacks make up only 12% of the population of America – yet 50% of all abortions are black. Margret Sanger used to give speeches at KKK rallies and lynching’s. She’d tell them she had “a better way …”

Ronald Taylor


The biggest enemy we have now is our ignorance.

We have been feed a line so long that this is for our good, and they have used blacks who wish to have status among them to push this agenda. My prayer is that every black person in this nation wakes up, before it is too late. Wake up black people now.

K. Nichols

Rock Island, IL

We MUST reach the masses with this and wake people up!

What to do? I have seen this a second time because it is such a great documentary and makes you realize that our country is corrupt beyond belief. I bought a few copies to distribute. We MUST reach the masses with this and wake people up! There is only ONE ruler and that is Christ THE KING! Our Country is Heaven. Remember to serve only him and not these worldly powers laid down by the devil. PRAY for people to wake up and turn to God! Mary, our blessed mother, please pray for us!


Chardon, OH

This documentary should be mandatory viewing in every school in America.

Every pastor, every politician, every body needs to see this film!


Chicago, IL

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