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EVERYONE needs to see this film and take action.

I’m a white father of a black child (adopted) and I’m angry at what this country has done to children and parents of children like my son. EVERYONE needs to see this film and take action.

Troy B.

Arizona, USA

The film is amazing.

I pray this gets out to America fast.

Peter S.

Maafa 21 has left me speechless.

The outlook I have after reviewing the Maafa 21 video has left me speechless. The revelation of this information must be shared in the African American communities. We must reeducate.


Cincinnati, OH

I am not convinced

I don’t question that there was an historical conspiracy by social and race based elites to reduce the numbers ‘undesirables’ in society, but I am not convinced abortion is the major strategy of choice to achieve that goal since it is voluntary not forced and if I am correct the populations of African Americans and Latinos is not in decline.

I felt that whilst being well meaning the anti-abortion lobby were using the ‘race’ element to further an agenda. In my opinion it would have been better to have just presented abortion period as a form of genocide without the race element and investigated the social, culture and economic factors as to why women make this choice.

M. Hetep


Maafa 21 is a look behind the curtain of racism.

To be complete though it is waiting for the last chapter to be written. That chapter must be written and acted by the people of America, only then will the story of Maafa 21 move from the front page of the news into history books where it belongs.



Educate yourself, then educate others

This is probably one of the most important films I’ve seen. I have been having this discussion about the number of abortion clinics in urban areas with people of color for a while now, most have written me off as a lunatic, they can’t hear me, (possibly because I’m white). None the less I have just forwarded this to everyone, may they hear the film and become part of the solution.

Gail Jackson

Hereford, AZ

It’s about time someone exposed their deeds of darkness!

Eye-opening and well articulated! Thank you for your extensive research and dedication to exposing the truth of black genocide in America!


California, USA

God forgive………..

Talk about men being controlled by demons of hell. This is the most horrible thing that has been done to these precious people made in God’s image. I had no idea the root of Planned Parenthood. Thank you for making this film. I pray every American sees this. And also for America to withhold help for disaster hit countries until they come in line with our demonic way of thinking??? No wonder judgment has come on America.

Donna Potter

Oklahoma, USA

Mind blowing!

We need to wake up because the enemy is trying to eliminate us completely. We need to love our selves and work to improve ourselves, fix our community!


Michigan, USA

This leaves no stone unturned when it comes to black genocide.

Not going to spill the beans on this documentary but this is must see for every minority in America. This exposes a truth most of us, especially my sister is very ignorant towards. Please, and I am stressing this, run out and buy this disc. It leaves no stone unturned when it comes to black genocide.

J. Michelle


In an age of radical deceit, it is such a refreshing and encouraging thing to see people of truth telling it like it is.

The ultra elites are out to destroy us all, and since they are radical racists, they are targeting the people of color even more. I pray for justice everyday.


Shocking, but not the least bit surprised…

There always seems to be a negative ulterior motive toward the African American race here in the USA. The hate is so disgusting.



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