Dr. Alveda King: Planned Parenthood sells abortion as birth control

During Black History Month, Dr. Alveda King discussed why abortion is prevalent within the Black community, stating that Planned Parenthood sells it as a means of birth control.

According to the most recent report released by the Center for Disease Control, in 2011 almost 56% of all abortions reported for race were done on minority women.

Dr. Alveda King, Director of African American Outreach for Priest for Life and niece of the great civil right leader Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., said that she had a conversation recently with a post-abortive woman where the woman admitted that she used abortion as birth control.

I once met a lady, very recently actually, during Black History month this year. And she told me, after she heard my talk, she said, I’ve had 19 secret abortions, I used it as birth control. And we began to talk. And the deceptions that have come to the entire community of America, and certainly the African American community, from Planned Parenthood the largest abortion provider in America, and other abortion providers is that it is a means of birth control. Of course, we know that – that’s a very deadly means,” Dr. King shared.

We’ve also been told by Planned Parenthood in the African American community, and of course in the various communities of our country, that abortion is healthcare…So, African Americans, being targeted also by eugenics and genocide were sold a very bad product – that being abortion…as healthcare,” she said.

Dr. King says that Planned Parenthood targets the black community.

In order to lower the population of African Americans, Margaret Sanger came up with, during her lifetime as she founded Planned Parenthood, all of these schemes, which included abortion and African Americans have not been educated to that truth,” Dr. King told CBN news.

Alveda King Back of Bus Black History Month Maafa21

In the film, Maafa21, produced by Life Dynamics on the history of Planned Parenthood, Alveda says that, “There’s always been the mistaken belief in the African-American community that our women don’t have abortions. Yet all across America you can stand outside the abortion clinics and see a steady stream of black women coming in and out.”

Maafa21 Watch for Free

Dr. King said that somewhere along the way the Black community got the idea that abortion was a white – conservative – Republican issue and not an issue that the Black community needs to be concerned about.

This same attitude allowed Planned Parenthood and other members of the abortion industry to carry out this genocide right under our very noses,” she said in the film.

During Black History month, Dr. King has posted a message on YouTube detailing the harmful impact of abortion within the African American community. It is part of her Shockwaves of Abortion project.

We want you to know that abortion never really solves a problem. It creates new problems, genocide, eugenics, all of those are involved within the African American abortion experience…We want to heal the shock waves of abortion. I am inviting you to visit abortionshockwaves.com…Believe God when He says to choose life,” King states.

For more on Dr. Alveda King’s views on Black History Month- go here.

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