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EVERYONE needs to see this film and take action.

I’m a white father of a black child (adopted) and I’m angry at what this country has done to children and parents of children like my son. EVERYONE needs to see this film and take action.

Troy B.

Arizona, USA

I was struck by the quality of research and the quantity of documents.

Maafa 21 was stunning.

Sylvia B.

Black lives DO matter

A movie every teenager needs to see. Black lives DO matter! The question is why don’t Black lives matter to Black people first?



We know the truth, now it is time to act.

Rise up brothers and sisters – black, white, and brown – raise your voices to stop the assault on our children and families. Tell your city, “not in my neighborhood,” tell your representatives, “not with my money.”


Toledo, OH.

All Christian clergy need to show this video to their church members.

Preferably on Sunday morning right after worship, when the most members are present. Its truth telling is unflinching, and is an essential but neglected message of the Gospel for our nation today.

Father Mark

Lima, OH.

Thanks for this video! It really opened my eyes!

Wow!!!! is really all I can say, I am one that is not into history and have always thought it is better not to know what happen before me..boy did this video open my eyes that so much vicious work is still going on. I was told a long time ago “when the powers that be seem to do something nice for you believe me something negative is attached”….thanks for this video it really opened my eyes


California, USA

Asleep At The Wheel AGAIN

I was unpleasantly surprised to find out that there is little difference between Eugenics programs and Planned Parenthood, once again they have pulled a class A con job on us.

Kwakou Shakur


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