What viewers are saying:

I am deeply touched by the documentary.

Your research was very, very well done, covers all the bases and leaves your jaw hanging.

Doug C.

We know the truth, now it is time to act.

Rise up brothers and sisters – black, white, and brown – raise your voices to stop the assault on our children and families. Tell your city, “not in my neighborhood,” tell your representatives, “not with my money.”


Toledo, OH.

Your film should be spread far and wide for men and women of all races and groups to see.

Though we know that the agenda of power targets all people- whom they consider inferior to their special class of ubermensch- this lust for domination and control has been particularly evident against the black peoples of the world. Please consider me an ally in both exposing and routing this global elite brotherhood of darkness.


Denver, CO.

I bought the video, we must pass this on…..

Gary P.

Knowledge is Truly Power.

A true eye opener. No African American household should be without this DVD. All I can say is “God open our eyes.”

Darrell D.

Bronx, NY

I was impressed by the high quality and the documentation shown in such an eloquent manner that educated you and stirred your soul.

(Side Note: this is from a high ranking military official that actually bought 25 copies)


Maafa 21 is a look behind the curtain of racism.

To be complete though it is waiting for the last chapter to be written. That chapter must be written and acted by the people of America, only then will the story of Maafa 21 move from the front page of the news into history books where it belongs.



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