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There needs to be a screen set up in all black communities so they can view this video.

The trailer alone was enough to move a mountain, so black people need to move with it.


Atlanta, GA

I am not convinced

I don’t question that there was an historical conspiracy by social and race based elites to reduce the numbers ‘undesirables’ in society, but I am not convinced abortion is the major strategy of choice to achieve that goal since it is voluntary not forced and if I am correct the populations of African Americans and Latinos is not in decline.

I felt that whilst being well meaning the anti-abortion lobby were using the ‘race’ element to further an agenda. In my opinion it would have been better to have just presented abortion period as a form of genocide without the race element and investigated the social, culture and economic factors as to why women make this choice.

M. Hetep


Thanks for this video! It really opened my eyes!

Wow!!!! is really all I can say, I am one that is not into history and have always thought it is better not to know what happen before me..boy did this video open my eyes that so much vicious work is still going on. I was told a long time ago “when the powers that be seem to do something nice for you believe me something negative is attached”….thanks for this video it really opened my eyes


California, USA

EVERYONE needs to see this film and take action.

I’m a white father of a black child (adopted) and I’m angry at what this country has done to children and parents of children like my son. EVERYONE needs to see this film and take action.

Troy B.

Arizona, USA

Thank you!

Thank you for the documentary! Lots of important information. I was waiting for the vaccine’s to be mentioned, and amazed that they weren’t…especially since you mentioned Gates, his father William Gates senior was involved in planned parenthood which seems well-documented…

Lisa S.

You will be glad for what you will learn

One of the most amazing films on how “black genocide” is taking over the Afro-American population of America. This film exposes the eugenics movement (cutting out people who are not deemed superior) is destroying our country……something almost never talked about. Get it — you will be glad for what you will learn.

John Donlan


Everyone was moved that saw it.

Thank you for cooperating with the Holy Spirit to piece together this professional and fascinating piece of journalism. Everyone was moved that saw it.

Nancy S.

Good God, if this doesn’t motivate the black community into action nothing will.

What a triumph!

Brian C.

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