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This movie is too explosive for Hollywood.

Thank you “Life Dynamics” for this AMAZING tool! Edmund Burke said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men [and women] do nothing.” Let this not be true for those of us given the blessed opportunity to see, hear and experience “Maafa 21.” May each one accept the call to expose those who choose lies instead of truth, death instead of life and evil instead of good. Let it not be said “you knew the truth, but turned a blind eye.” For after viewing this, God takes no excuses!


Chattanooga, TN.

Don’t commit genocide against yourselves

I’ve tried several times to tell black people what this DVD will explain to you. When I would try to tell them that the abortion movement is really a way to get black people to commit genocide against themselves I’m told I’m a racist. All abortion clinics are located in black or Hispanic neighborhoods. Blacks make up only 12% of the population of America – yet 50% of all abortions are black. Margret Sanger used to give speeches at KKK rallies and lynching’s. She’d tell them she had “a better way …”

Ronald Taylor


The research on this film is top-notch.

We are going to do nothing about it… And I only say this because of the exponential advancements in technology, the instant access to information, the unlimited opportunities of education, freewill, and the Law- there is no way Black America would be dumb enough to step back into a world of oppression and white supremacy again, no matter how covert racism can be. Now that would be ‘feeble-minded’. But I digress. The research on this film is top-notch. It is extremely informative and thought-provoking.

CJ Hemingway

Denver, CO.

I was numb afterwards

I was numb afterwards and was surprised at the calculated efforts that are being taken by the elite to destroy the African American.


Killeen, TX.

Inspirational lies.

I came across MAAFA 21 on YouTube and watched, listened and even took note of the documentary’s info. It completely changed how I view the black community and understand how vulnerable not just the black community but any community is to people with agendas. Its really inspired me to want to stand up and do something. Help someone who is vulnerable and the History from how we came to be today is vital to the facts of what we are being deceived on daily. Thank you for bringing awareness and God Bless.


Washington, USA

This is what DEPLORABLE really means

Tells us things we somehow ‘know’ and yet ‘can’t be’. So well documented that it leaves no doubt what so ever. I knew many of these things but putting all the pieces together in one place it all becomes very real and very powerful.


St. Louis, MO.

I’m thankful to GOD for coming across this historical piece of documentation.

I, being a Caucasian and like many of same, never knew the truth. When I became a “re-born” Christian, I found the truth in His love for everyone. Thank you for the exposing one of the horrible inhumanities to man.


Sugar Land, TX.

Mind blowing!

We need to wake up because the enemy is trying to eliminate us completely. We need to love our selves and work to improve ourselves, fix our community!


Michigan, USA

We know the truth, now it is time to act.

Rise up brothers and sisters – black, white, and brown – raise your voices to stop the assault on our children and families. Tell your city, “not in my neighborhood,” tell your representatives, “not with my money.”


Toledo, OH.

EVERYONE needs to see this film and take action.

I’m a white father of a black child (adopted) and I’m angry at what this country has done to children and parents of children like my son. EVERYONE needs to see this film and take action.

Troy B.

Arizona, USA

I am not convinced

I don’t question that there was an historical conspiracy by social and race based elites to reduce the numbers ‘undesirables’ in society, but I am not convinced abortion is the major strategy of choice to achieve that goal since it is voluntary not forced and if I am correct the populations of African Americans and Latinos is not in decline.

I felt that whilst being well meaning the anti-abortion lobby were using the ‘race’ element to further an agenda. In my opinion it would have been better to have just presented abortion period as a form of genocide without the race element and investigated the social, culture and economic factors as to why women make this choice.

M. Hetep


Black lives DO matter

A movie every teenager needs to see. Black lives DO matter! The question is why don’t Black lives matter to Black people first?



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