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Thank you for getting the word out about this disgusting ideology.

It’s amazing how many people who are involved in politics believe in Eugenics.


Charlotte, NC.

I will show this movie wherever and whenever I can get a crowd together.

I have dedicated my life to ending racism, and have worked for many year, as if in the dark, trying to make the connection between racism and the thinking of others who have targeted African Americans for elimination. None of the lynchings made any sense to me, none of the hatred made any sense to me, any sense at all. Now I see how the connections fits, and where it originated from. My shock and my anger has doubled at the institution of racism since seeing this movie. I have doubled my dedication to eliminating racism, and will show this movie wherever and whenever I can get a crowd together. This information needs to be out there, so that with the light of knowledge and understanding, we can all be responsible to what we know, and all work together to eliminate the scourge of racism from the fabric of our nation.


San Diego, CA

It’s not as bad as we thought. It’s worse.

Evil comes this way hither. It’s not as bad as we thought. It’s worse. This is what happens when the govt. is allowed to get involved.  To those who want to manage this world, WE ARE CALLING YOU OUT!


Alpharetta, GA.

A Challenge

I challenge you to watch this documentary, in its entirety, and then I challenge you to share it with others. I pray the truths presented in this film become known far and wide!


Winona, MN

This documentary should be mandatory viewing in every school in America.

Every pastor, every politician, every body needs to see this film!


Chicago, IL

It was stunning.

Much of it I already knew, but there was a lot that I didn’t know. The documentary puts the pieces together very well.

Steve G.


While I appreciate the history and have done my own research, I don’t appreciate the attempt to take the MAAFA and turn it into a pro-life agenda. Your indictments of forced sterilization, eugenics, and even the early mission of Mary Sanger are well documented. However, the logic of the documentary started to unravel when you combined you right to life agenda with the reality that abortion is a choice. Interestingly, you left out W.E.B. Dubois and MLK as supporters of Birth control. Overall, you are using the same tactics you condemn in the documentary by masking your agenda under the guise of Black Genocide.


Harlem, NY

There needs to be a screen set up in all black communities so they can view this video.

The trailer alone was enough to move a mountain, so black people need to move with it.


Atlanta, GA

God forgive………..

Talk about men being controlled by demons of hell. This is the most horrible thing that has been done to these precious people made in God’s image. I had no idea the root of Planned Parenthood. Thank you for making this film. I pray every American sees this. And also for America to withhold help for disaster hit countries until they come in line with our demonic way of thinking??? No wonder judgment has come on America.

Donna Potter

Oklahoma, USA

Your film should be spread far and wide for men and women of all races and groups to see.

Though we know that the agenda of power targets all people- whom they consider inferior to their special class of ubermensch- this lust for domination and control has been particularly evident against the black peoples of the world. Please consider me an ally in both exposing and routing this global elite brotherhood of darkness.


Denver, CO.

This should disturb any human being with a conscience

Right and wrong has no skin color… this is wrong on every level. To look away is to be complicit in this heinous behavior God Bless you all…you are my brothers and sisters.



We know the truth, now it is time to act.

Rise up brothers and sisters – black, white, and brown – raise your voices to stop the assault on our children and families. Tell your city, “not in my neighborhood,” tell your representatives, “not with my money.”


Toledo, OH.

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