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Excellent educational video!

Planned Parenthood has always been evil, but now that you have clearly presented the facts of the connections to eugenics and forced sterilization, I loathe it even more. Blacks and the poor have been targeted by the government, and our taxes pay for it… this is entirely outrageous! The rights of all must be protected by defunding and destroying Planned Parenthood and all abortions ended! Keep presenting this truth!

Deb Eklof

Wisconsin, USA

Shocking, but not the least bit surprised…

There always seems to be a negative ulterior motive toward the African American race here in the USA. The hate is so disgusting.



It’s about time someone exposed their deeds of darkness!

Eye-opening and well articulated! Thank you for your extensive research and dedication to exposing the truth of black genocide in America!


California, USA

I am deeply touched by the documentary.

Your research was very, very well done, covers all the bases and leaves your jaw hanging.

Doug C.

I knew America was corrupt, but now I know Satan is in complete control!

Thank you, I am a white man and I am so sad and at such a loss for words, it makes me feel ashamed to be an American. Lastly, at the end, we Christians are winners and the Lord Jesus Christ is going to have His judgement and wrath on all these guilty murderers! Pray for all of our children! Come Lord Jesus! Everyone should see this movie, I could not stop till it ended!


Houston, TX

Excellent Information

Lenard Jackson


Exceptional documentary

Exceptional documentary – on the longstanding genocide effort of black America. Regardless of your skin color, this is a must watch!


Gurnee, IL

A Challenge

I challenge you to watch this documentary, in its entirety, and then I challenge you to share it with others. I pray the truths presented in this film become known far and wide!


Winona, MN

Good God, if this doesn’t motivate the black community into action nothing will.

What a triumph!

Brian C.

I am not convinced

I don’t question that there was an historical conspiracy by social and race based elites to reduce the numbers ‘undesirables’ in society, but I am not convinced abortion is the major strategy of choice to achieve that goal since it is voluntary not forced and if I am correct the populations of African Americans and Latinos is not in decline.

I felt that whilst being well meaning the anti-abortion lobby were using the ‘race’ element to further an agenda. In my opinion it would have been better to have just presented abortion period as a form of genocide without the race element and investigated the social, culture and economic factors as to why women make this choice.

M. Hetep


It was stunning.

Much of it I already knew, but there was a lot that I didn’t know. The documentary puts the pieces together very well.

Steve G.

I will show this movie wherever and whenever I can get a crowd together.

I have dedicated my life to ending racism, and have worked for many year, as if in the dark, trying to make the connection between racism and the thinking of others who have targeted African Americans for elimination. None of the lynchings made any sense to me, none of the hatred made any sense to me, any sense at all. Now I see how the connections fits, and where it originated from. My shock and my anger has doubled at the institution of racism since seeing this movie. I have doubled my dedication to eliminating racism, and will show this movie wherever and whenever I can get a crowd together. This information needs to be out there, so that with the light of knowledge and understanding, we can all be responsible to what we know, and all work together to eliminate the scourge of racism from the fabric of our nation.


San Diego, CA

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