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Hosting Your Own Showing

In order to end this genocide, it takes someone like you to spread the message about Maafa 21! We have shareable banners and posters here on this website, but hosting your own screening in your community is a great way to get the message out- and we are here to help.

Read the screening guide below to get started, and if you have any questions, give us a call at (940)380-8800. Also, once you get your event date and location set up, let us know and we can help get the word out.

“But I don’t have the resources or connections to host a big showing.”

This is something we hear quite frequently! But a showing doesn’t have to be a large gathering in a public space. We encourage everyone to take the 10×10 Challenge – it’s easy, achievable, and low-key.

The 10×10 Challenge

It’s not a marketing scheme… In fact, this is something we didn’t even come up with ourselves, (though we wish we did) but was the idea of advocates just like you. The 10×10 challenge is simple. Invite 10 friends and/or family over to your house and have a movie night with Maafa 21 being the film of choice. When it’s over, ask everyone there to have their own Maafa 21 movie night- where they invite 10 of their own friends/family. If each one of your “attendees” has their own showing with 10 others, then already 1,000 people will have seen the documentary and be exposed to the truth!

In order to make this low-key screening even more of a success, we recommend having 10 copies of the DVD on hand, so that after the film, each person can go home with their own copy. If you are interested in doing this, give us a call at: (940)380-8800 and mention the “10×10 challenge” for a discount on an order of 10 copies on DVD.

What People Are Saying

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initially learned of the hidden a class lecture. The documentary however exposed so much information and besides mad... I had to cry.

Cry because of realizing the full scope of what this means. Cry because I remember a Great Aunt telling me that she was having something simple like her tonsils removed and ended up with a hysterectomy and now barren with an unclear or little explanation. Crazy stories of babies being born for the mother to wake up and being told her child died overnight. Makes you wonder without a doubt if this was the doing of the elites agenda. I also had incarcerated male friends tell me about prison wardens and doctors trying to 'take there manhood' ... forced vasectomy. I am ready to do my part in exposing this agenda to the fullest and educate our youth and other groups from all walks of life to make sure no more wool is being pulled over the eyes. Thanks for this very fact supported documentary.

Maurissa of Ohio