What viewers are saying:

Amazing, I was so moved and infuriated by the film.

Thank you for your exhaustive and impeccable research.

Katie W.

There needs to be a screen set up in all black communities so they can view this video.

The trailer alone was enough to move a mountain, so black people need to move with it.


Atlanta, GA

EVERYONE needs to see this film and take action.

I’m a white father of a black child (adopted) and I’m angry at what this country has done to children and parents of children like my son. EVERYONE needs to see this film and take action.

Troy B.

Arizona, USA

We are living it everyday.

As much as that video is overwhelming, the sad truth is we are living it everyday. I truly believe that if Black people as a whole watched this, it would help us to see how to heal one another and stop ALLOWING others to determine our destiny. Excellent piece and I will definitely support bridging the gap in our culture.


So. California

Nothing but praise for Maafa 21.

Claire V

Boulder, CO

Thank you for getting the word out about this disgusting ideology.

It’s amazing how many people who are involved in politics believe in Eugenics.


Charlotte, NC.

I bought the video, we must pass this on…..

Gary P.

Best. Movie. Ever. Ev-ah!

I bought it after seeing the preview- it was a no brainer! Seriously, I can watch this movie over and over and over…every time I hear the names of these elites responsible my ire rages hot! I have passed it out and let many people borrow it and will continue to do so. Well done, Life Dynamics, well done!


Oberlin, OH.

In an age of radical deceit, it is such a refreshing and encouraging thing to see people of truth telling it like it is.

The ultra elites are out to destroy us all, and since they are radical racists, they are targeting the people of color even more. I pray for justice everyday.


Good God, if this doesn’t motivate the black community into action nothing will.

What a triumph!

Brian C.

When I saw this, I was embarrassed and mad.

As a white person I was never too much into apology for slavery because that was in the past. But when I saw what was still going on today, I was embarrassed and mad. I am going to get involved to stop this Maafa.


I was impressed by the high quality and the documentation shown in such an eloquent manner that educated you and stirred your soul.

(Side Note: this is from a high ranking military official that actually bought 25 copies)


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