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Exceptional documentary

Exceptional documentary – on the longstanding genocide effort of black America. Regardless of your skin color, this is a must watch!


Gurnee, IL

All Christian clergy need to show this video to their church members.

Preferably on Sunday morning right after worship, when the most members are present. Its truth telling is unflinching, and is an essential but neglected message of the Gospel for our nation today.

Father Mark

Lima, OH.

We are living it everyday.

As much as that video is overwhelming, the sad truth is we are living it everyday. I truly believe that if Black people as a whole watched this, it would help us to see how to heal one another and stop ALLOWING others to determine our destiny. Excellent piece and I will definitely support bridging the gap in our culture.


So. California

Maafa 21 is a look behind the curtain of racism.

To be complete though it is waiting for the last chapter to be written. That chapter must be written and acted by the people of America, only then will the story of Maafa 21 move from the front page of the news into history books where it belongs.



It’s not as bad as we thought. It’s worse.

Evil comes this way hither. It’s not as bad as we thought. It’s worse. This is what happens when the govt. is allowed to get involved.  To those who want to manage this world, WE ARE CALLING YOU OUT!


Alpharetta, GA.

Thanks to Life Dynamics for exposing this.

I, like most people, thought it was the noisy feminists from the sixties that were directly responsible for [eugenics]. I had no idea that the push actually came long before they were even born and the root of it, rather than sexual liberation, was to exterminate unwanted groups. Thanks to Life Dynamics for exposing this.


New Hampshire, USA

A chilling look at how Black America has been targeted for DE-POPULATION

I was given this documentary on DVD by a Christian pastor friend and had it sitting on my shelf for almost a year before watching it but WOW! Full of factual evidence and undeniable quotes and citations by the plank holders of the Pro-Choice Movement this gives a terrifying glimpse into what can only be described as a long term plan for Black Genocide.

Watching MAAFA21 is what learning about the Holocaust must have been like for Americans immediately following WW2. Someone needs to answer for why almost 92% of abortion clinics in America are in Black Neighborhoods.



This is what DEPLORABLE really means

Tells us things we somehow ‘know’ and yet ‘can’t be’. So well documented that it leaves no doubt what so ever. I knew many of these things but putting all the pieces together in one place it all becomes very real and very powerful.


St. Louis, MO.

A Challenge

I challenge you to watch this documentary, in its entirety, and then I challenge you to share it with others. I pray the truths presented in this film become known far and wide!


Winona, MN

We know the truth, now it is time to act.

Rise up brothers and sisters – black, white, and brown – raise your voices to stop the assault on our children and families. Tell your city, “not in my neighborhood,” tell your representatives, “not with my money.”


Toledo, OH.

It’s an impressive achievement.

Just watched the documentary. It’s an impressive achievement. The picture it paints of government complicity in attempted racial genocide is quite sickening. It gives me some hope that the Black community will wake up soon. If they don’t, they will be a historical footnote.

Doyle C.

Excellent Educational Piece of Research!

The horrors of the Nazi’s receives a lot of airtime but in the mainstream media, information such as that presented here, or the funding of the National Socialists by elements of Wall Street, never gets mentioned. It certainly is true that the victors get to rewrite history but it is time for that to change. The history of Planned Parenthood was very informative and puts a question mark over the Gates Foundation vaccine trials. Genocide of one race or section of society will always be a starting point before moving onto another not considered worthy or “elite”. Nobody is safe when this mindset prevails.


United Kingdom

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