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Hidden History

So much of our history is hidden from us, pretty much all I can say is SHOCKING. The extent to which a human being would go to in an attempt to eliminate a race of people is sad. I recommend everyone see this, especially if you are of African decent.

Martha Hicks


This should disturb any human being with a conscience

Right and wrong has no skin color… this is wrong on every level. To look away is to be complicit in this heinous behavior God Bless you all…you are my brothers and sisters.



I was struck by the quality of research and the quantity of documents.

Maafa 21 was stunning.

Sylvia B.

This documentary should be mandatory viewing in every school in America.

Every pastor, every politician, every body needs to see this film!


Chicago, IL

This is not a homerun. It was a grand slam.

From people who saw it at the Capital Visitors Center in Washington, DC.

Everyone was moved that saw it.

Thank you for cooperating with the Holy Spirit to piece together this professional and fascinating piece of journalism. Everyone was moved that saw it.

Nancy S.

We MUST reach the masses with this and wake people up!

What to do? I have seen this a second time because it is such a great documentary and makes you realize that our country is corrupt beyond belief. I bought a few copies to distribute. We MUST reach the masses with this and wake people up! There is only ONE ruler and that is Christ THE KING! Our Country is Heaven. Remember to serve only him and not these worldly powers laid down by the devil. PRAY for people to wake up and turn to God! Mary, our blessed mother, please pray for us!


Chardon, OH

This is a winner right out of the gate…

This is a winner right out of the gate. You need to pair up with the people for 7AM documentary and take this on a tour. A lot of our people either don’t know about this or they are in denial. I was never told about slavery. In fact, I was raised in a household and family that never spoke about these things. I guess after people get to a certain point in their lives they want to pretend certain things didn’t happen. I am making this a movie night. We need to educate our people, and we need to do it fast! THANK YOU FOR THIS DOCUMENTARY.



I will show this movie wherever and whenever I can get a crowd together.

I have dedicated my life to ending racism, and have worked for many year, as if in the dark, trying to make the connection between racism and the thinking of others who have targeted African Americans for elimination. None of the lynchings made any sense to me, none of the hatred made any sense to me, any sense at all. Now I see how the connections fits, and where it originated from. My shock and my anger has doubled at the institution of racism since seeing this movie. I have doubled my dedication to eliminating racism, and will show this movie wherever and whenever I can get a crowd together. This information needs to be out there, so that with the light of knowledge and understanding, we can all be responsible to what we know, and all work together to eliminate the scourge of racism from the fabric of our nation.


San Diego, CA

Mind blowing!

We need to wake up because the enemy is trying to eliminate us completely. We need to love our selves and work to improve ourselves, fix our community!


Michigan, USA

Thank you!

Thank you for the documentary! Lots of important information. I was waiting for the vaccine’s to be mentioned, and amazed that they weren’t…especially since you mentioned Gates, his father William Gates senior was involved in planned parenthood which seems well-documented…

Lisa S.

Excellent educational video!

Planned Parenthood has always been evil, but now that you have clearly presented the facts of the connections to eugenics and forced sterilization, I loathe it even more. Blacks and the poor have been targeted by the government, and our taxes pay for it… this is entirely outrageous! The rights of all must be protected by defunding and destroying Planned Parenthood and all abortions ended! Keep presenting this truth!

Deb Eklof

Wisconsin, USA

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