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New Video Reveals The Abortion Lobby’s Hidden Secret From The Black Community

Written by Maafa21 on January 18, 2017

A new video by Life Dynamics reveals the impact that the atrocities committed by Planned Parenthood and their accomplices have had on the black community.


This video, which shows how abortion has become the number one cause of death in the African-American community, is the second of their new, hard-hitting FastForward video series.

Screenshot from the 2nd FastFast Forward Video :  Black Genocide –It’s Happening Right Now! ( The Abortion Lobby's Hidden Secret)

The series began in August of last year as a unique way to expose the true nature of America’s abortion industry and shock America into action. Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, says these videos are doing just that.

“It’s already creating the firestorm we predicted. Our Fast Forward Videos are going to expose the atrocities and crimes committed by Planned Parenthood and their accomplices.”


Crutcher reveals that the second video exposes the atrocity that the abortion industry desperately wants to keep hidden – the real agenda behind America’s pro-choice movement.


“This is a tiny but powerful glimpse into an issue we first exposed in our  Maafa 21  documentary. I assure you, this is something the American abortion lobby has been hiding from the Black community for decades and would like to keep hidden forever.”


The national director of L.E.A.R.N., Rev. Johnny Hunter,  is a familiar face to those who have watched Maafa 21. Despite the fact that the second video is just under two minutes, he states that, “If you really think black lives matter, this video will definitely put things into perspective.”

Those wishing to watch the video can do so below:

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As much as that video is overwhelming, the sad truth is we are living it everyday.

I truly believe that if Black people as a whole watched this, it would help us to see how to heal one another and stop ALLOWING others to determine our destiny. Excellent piece and I will definitely support bridging the gap in our culture.

Devonna of So. California