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Son of eugenics victim honors mom with gift

Written by Maafa21 on February 24, 2015

The son of a eugenics victim once sterilized after his birth has honored his mother with a beautiful gift as a symbol of his love for her.


In 2009, Life Dynamics interviewed eugenics sterilization victim, Elaine Riddick, for the documentary film, Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America.

Elaine said that her while her son, Tony, was in Vietnam on business he had this beautiful bust made for her.


“People magazine did a story on me so my son took the picture from the story to Vietnam to have it made,” Elaine told Life Dynamics.


Elaine Riddick’s story has captivated the nation.

In Maafa21, Elaine tells how how she became pregnant with Tony after a brutal rape at the age of 13-years-old.

She went on to say that when she gave birth to Tony, the State of North Carolina had her sterilized without her knowledge under their racist eugenics program.

“I did not find out that they sterilized me until I was 19-years-old,” Elaine states, “I asked the State of North Carolina why they did that to me. They said it was because I was feeble-minded, that I would not be able to take care of myself, I would not be able to tie my shoes, that I was–just incompetent,” she said.

Below is a clip of Elaine’s story from Maafa21.   The film can be viewed in full at

“They were saying that feeble-mindedness is hereditary, so they sterilized me so I would not produce my kind.”

“Mind you,” Elaine Riddick stated emotionally in the film, “I am NOT illiterate, nor am I feeble minded.”


Elaine points out that she was able to acquire a college degree, despite the fact that she never went into High School.

In addition, Elaine said that her son now owns and operates his several companies and the state’s assumption that her children would be feeble-minded was drastically incorrect.

Elaine and Tony Riddick have testified before their state legislature about eugenics.

In this emotional testimony, Elaine with her son Tony supporting her asked lawmakers, “So what am I worth? The kids that I did not have, COULD not have. What are THEY worth?”

“They slandered me. They ridiculed me and cut me open like I was a hog,” Riddick testified.

From 1929 to 1974, North Carolina forcibly sterilized thousands of people who were deemed to be mentally handicapped, promiscuous or unfit to have children.

In 2013, thanks to testimony by Elaine Riddick, North Carolina lawmakers allocated $10 million to compensate victims who were forcefully sterilized under the state’s secret eugenics program.

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I have dedicated my life to ending racism, and have worked for many year, as if in the dark, trying to make the connection between racism and the thinking of others who have targeted African Americans for elimination.

None of the lynchings made any sense to me, none of the hatred made any sense to me, any sense at all. Now I see how the connections fits, and where it originated from. My shock and my anger has doubled at the institution of racism since seeing this movie. I have doubled my dedication to eliminating racism, and will show this movie wherever and whenever I can get a crowd together. This information needs to be out there, so that with the light of knowledge and understanding, we can all be responsible to what we know, and all work together to eliminate the scourge of racism from the fabric of our nation.

Vita of San Diego, CA